Who is Alicia Boateng?

The woman behind all the Creativity!

She's a Mother (x4), a Wife (Proud Silhouette to a fine Kappa Man), a Daughter, a Sister and a Friend. When she's not sitting behind her computer coming up with innovative ideas, working on Social Media or at her workstation crafting her little (BIG) heart out, Alicia is enjoying her family, drinking red wine (Conundrum) cooking Cuban food and binge watching the Food Network!


Fun Facts: 

Fav Singer: Celia Cruz and Gloria Estefan

Fav Flower: Sunflower

Fav Color: Blue 

Fav Scent: Anything Magnolia and Laila (from Norway)

Fav Cuisine: Cuban and Italian

Fav Dessert: Delicious Chocolate Cake with fudgyyyyy frosting! 

Fav Coffee: Barnie's Santa's White Christmas 

Best Vacation (to date): Napa Valley

Funny (and true) she's obsessed with brushing her teeth! 

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