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Is your small business in need of visibility?

  • Do you lack recognition?
  • Is your message inconsistent?
  • Do you have difficulty standing out?
  • Are your opportunities limited?
  • Do others have a negative perception of your business?
  • Do you have difficulty building trust?
  • Do you have difficulty introducing others to your brand?
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Every connection originates from effective communication. When you establish a personal brand that effectively conveys your message, you excel.

At Branding with The Boatengs, we know that you want to be seen as the Go-To expert in your field. In order to do that, you need to invest time in building an impactful brand. The problem is you are not sure WHERE or HOW to begin which makes you feel confused and overwhelmed. We believe investing time in building a personal brand is a worthwhile endeavor that yields significant returns. We understand the frustration, we have been in your shoes which is why designed various courses to help you achieve YOUR BRANDING goals.

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      Ed and Alicia Boateng

      A Powerful and Dynamic duo that will deliver an exceptional presentation to you and your team.

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      I love when people are real and raw and you and your husband are the definition of that. You guys are always friendly and welcoming to me and it made me want to attend your branding event. I took a lunch break and went over my break because every minute was nothing less than amazing. You had so much info in that small amount of time. I would definitely attend this again. Thanks!

      Robyn S. | Keller Wiliams
      Coral Springs, FL

      Inspiring Branding Class by Ed and Alicia Boateng at Keller Williams. I had the privilege of attending a branding class led by Ed and Alicia Boateng at Keller Williams today, and I must say, it was truly an enlightening experience. as a Real Estate Agent looking to estabish a strong brand in a competitive market, this session was exactly what I needed.

      Beverly S. | Keller Williams
      Coral Springs, FL

      I had the honor of attending the Branding Class with Alicia and Ed Boateng and what a game changer it was! Up until now, I've had the biggest challenge in determining how I want to brand myself and figuring out who I want to be in my industry of work. Alicia really inspires me because she is just being herself without fear and proud of who she is and where she comes from.

      Ed is equally powerful in his delivery and with a different approach and perspective. This is why they make such a great team!

      Diane S. | Keller Williams
      Coral Springs, FL

      I've attended a lot of online courses throughout my career and I don't usually write any reviews, but I like Ed and Alicia's perspective on the importance of branding and their image. Their online course is insightful and enjoyable. I highly recommend the investment.

      Marlene G. | Remax Agent
      Los Angeles, CA

      This eBook was very helpful, the information is easy to understand and organized. Ed and Alicia did a great job explaining steps and strategies. If you are looking for information on how to build your online brand, invest in their online course - TODAY!

      Sheila N. | Beauty, Brains & More, Etiquette Coach
      Lawrenceville, GA

      It was very helpful to me in my journey getting my online business off the ground. I just started out and I already have traffic coming to my social media platforms. The online course was worth the time and the investment not to mention the valuable suggestions Alicia provided. I highly recommend this course.

      Patricia K. | Arts & Crafts by PK
      Bear Lake, MN

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