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Alicia Boateng Designs is proud to announce their partnership with Girl Pride Africa.
Part of the proceeds from the AFRO GLAM CUP - LOLAH will be donated to Girl Pride Africa. 
Girl Pride Africa encourages setting educational and career goals for each teenage mother that we work with and walks beside her to accomplish her goals as well as to provide a safe place of encouragement, hope and support through mentors and their fellow community of teenage mothers. We also encourage independence through teaching life skill classes such as; budgeting, money management, job interviewing skills, resume building, cooking, self defense, nutrition, stress and anger management, relationship workshops and so much more. Our organization is not only changing lives in the world of teenage mothers, it is also changing the community. The impact of a girl child who will not stay on welfare throughout her lifetime and who is going to give her and her child a brighter future leads to a better economy and society.
Empowering teen moms: 119,000 teens become pregnant each year. Girl Pride Africa is doing something about it. 
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About Lolah Mupotaringa Founder and CEO of Girl Pride Africa.
My mother became pregnant in high school and I saw her experience as a young mother struggling to raise us as my dad passed away when l was only 10 years old .Growing up, I knew one day I wanted to work with and serve every girl child, teen moms and pregnant teens. In 2016, l opened a group for a few girls in my area and that's how Girl Pride Africa was born. After finishing high school l began my career working as a musician and hairdresser although, my passion and heart for teen moms was still there and growing. So, I knew in 2018, it was time to create a safe, loving and empowering program for every girl child, teen moms and pregnant teens. I had been working with a small group of teen moms at my place and from that experience I was able to gain the knowledge of what exactly a young mom needed on a daily basis and in the future, emotionally and the daily physical necessities to take care of a child. I created Girl Pride Africa Empower Her clubs in Cape Town and Limpopo in South Africa. ln March of 2018 our program took off. It was amazing to see my vision come to life and to actually see the program working and changing lives and futures. A few months later we started a second location in Zimbabwe, and we will soon have a 3rd location in Ghana. We are able to serve approximately 280 moms a month and almost 2000 girls since we launched 2016.


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