As Seen On...

We are happy to share our HAPPY NEWS! Below please find a list of media outlets we have been featured on:


Your California Life on ABC10 (click on logo for video)

Your California life tv show, west coast, afro glam collection, black history month, black business


Deco Drive WSVN Channel 7 (click on link for video)


Lifestyle Magazine 

Alicia Boateng Designs Afro Glam Collection


South Florida Times News Paper  (click on link for story)


Voyage Miami (click picture)

Meet Alicia Boateng 


Sheen Magazine (Click picture) 

Empowering Women ONE Cup at a time. 


ENSPIRE Magazine (Click picture)


The Product Boss - Guest speaker Click picture to listen! 

This is it TV with Cheldin Barlatt Rumer Click picture to watch!


Queen Momma on Our Southern Gentlemen BLOG - click picture