Spring / Summer Collection

If it could only be like this always – always summer, always alone, the fruit always ripe…" —Evelyn Waugh

The Afro Glam Spring / Summer Collection is an addition to the Afro Glam Collection. These limited-edition cups are only available in the Springtime and each purchase includes:

One (1) 16 oz. Bistro Cup 

One (1) 1.5 oz Organic honey

One (1) 3" Wooden honey dipper


Care instructions included with each cup. 

You may encounter small adhesive residue however, please be sure we do our best to clean it up as best as possible. We recommend that you HAND WASH ONLY and DO NOT USE in the microwave. Not responsible for the loss of stones due to machine wash or rough handling. Recommend gently handling and cleaning with lukewarm water and soft dish soap! If any stones/gems happen to come off, you may reapply using strong jewelry glue (sold at local crafts stores).

** Decorations, wood garlands and any props are for picture purposes only and are not included with purchase**